We are Real Madrid and we fear no one Hala Madrid

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Being a father is an amazing experience. It’s the best thing that can happen in life. It’s indescribable when you have your baby on your arms.
Luka Modric (via realmadridfamily)

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I was tagged by afootballpassion
Thank you so much my brazilian sweetheart ❤️

I have to list my 10 favourite football players which is really hard tbh xD
But I will try it for Ren! :D

1.Karim Benzema
2.Eden Hazard
6.David Luiz
10.El Shaarawy

yea this are my favourite players I think, I could name about 100 players more xD

So now I want to tag this wonderful humans sernandoss, itsxnoemix, jackskillshere, cristianoesdeoro, footballiseveryything and angelito-dimaria <3:)